The Foundational Role and Practical Implementation of Sensor-Based Glucose Monitoring to Optimize Clinical Outcomes in Persons with Type 2 Diabetes

Using international authorities on diabetes management, this activity will focus on emerging digital, real time-, and patch-based technologies for continuous monitoring of glucose levels, to improve drug interventions for diabetes, minimize risks of hypoglycemia, maximize time in target range for blood glucose, and to optimize treatment interventions and drug titration

Our team of Speakers

Vivian Fonseca


Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology
Assistant Dean for Clinical Research Tullis Tulane Alumni Chair in Diabetes
Chief, Section of Endocrinology Tulane University Health Sciences Center
New Orleans, LA

Eden Miller


Executive Director and Co-Founder  Diabetes Nation  High Lakes Health Care  St. Charles Hospital  Bend, OR

Eugene Wright


Consulting Associate, Departments of Medicine Duke University Medical Center Durham, NC Inaugural Chair, ADA Primary Care Interest Group Medical Director for Performance Improvement Charlotte Area Health Education Center Charlotte, N

Richard Bergenstal


Executive Director
International Diabetes Center- Park Nicollet
Minneapolis, MN

Our Agenda
7:00 PM – 7:15 PM

The Foundational Role of Sensor-Based CGM for Managing Type 2 Diabetes—The Rationale for CGM-Directed Therapeutic Interventions

Establishing a “Best Practice, Best Outcomes” Standard of Care for Persons with Diabetes 

Vivian Fonseca, MD – Program Chair
7:15 PM – 7:35 PM

Evolving Accuracy of Sensor-Based CGM

Implications for Interpretation of Ambulatory Glucose Profiles (AGPs) and Time in Range Across the Full Spectrum of Persons with Diabetes

Richard Bergenstal, MD 
7:35 PM – 7:55 PM

Incorporating CGM-Based Glucose Pattern Insight Reports (GPIR) and Treatment Prompts in Type 2 Diabetes

Focus on Refining and Simplifying Clinical Decision-Making Based on CGM

Eugene Wright, MD 
7:55 PM – 8:15 PM

Practical Aspects of Establishing and Deploying CGM at the Front Lines of Care for T2D

Barriers, Solutions, and Patient Identification

Eden Miller, DO 
8:15 PM – 8:30 PM

Program Chair’s Summary and Vision Statement

A “Best Practice/Best Outcome” Roadmap for Type 2 Diabetes—CGM for Which Patients? At What Point in their Clinical Course? For How Long? With What Goals?

Vivian Fonseca, MD – Program Chair 
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