Benefits of AI platforms for nonprofits

In recent months, artificial intelligence has become a technological concept that is present in everyday conversations. Much of this is due to the introduction of ChatGPT, an AI conversation system capable of giving exact answers to all kinds of complex questions, available to anyone with internet access. Just a few weeks ago, the company responsible for its training, OpenAI, launched GPT-4 to improve the functions of previous models and, for example, understand images. Beyond the recent interest, the truth is that advances in artificial intelligence have been applied to a wide variety of sectors for a long time and continue to grow to make people’s lives easier. It is also possible to see the huge benefits offered by AI platforms for nonprofits; its application to a CRM.

Ai platforms for nonprofits

CRM and artificial intelligence, a relationship with great possibilities

We have already analyzed on other occasions what is a CRM, what is it for and how you can improve the management of any nonprofit organization. The ability to collect a vast amount of supporter information and automating key processes saves considerable time and effort, which significantly increases productivity.

For their part, the artificial intelligence models can streamline all processes, increase the speed of treatment and help understand what the priorities of any supporter or donor are. It has the ability to anticipate needs.

So it is clear that linking artificial intelligence tools to a CRM increases the benefits for any organization that uses it. Business interactions between members of the organization, users and donors will be enhanced in an extraordinary way. As we will see, AI platforms in the nonprofit sector can improve the value your CRM delivers.

However, to incorporate all the benefits of AI platforms to a CRM in the nonprofit sector it is essential to have the support of specialists with years of experience and extensive knowledge in these technologies. If you want to make the most combining software like CiviCRM and artificial intelligence; iXiam knows how to do it.

What benefits does software with artificial intelligence bring to the nonprofit sector?

So, in what ways can an AI platform help the nonprofit sector? As you will see below, there are multiple approaches.

Possibility of processing a greater number of information

A tool with built-in artificial intelligence increases the ability to understand users. The application of AI in the nonprofit sector makes it easy to collect, analyze and work with an extraordinary amount of data. This means that you will be able to identify the different profiles in a more exhaustive way and understand the needs of each of them.

The interaction with donors or collaborators is much more personalized, which increases their satisfaction and contributes to making informed decisions and optimizing the performance of the organization. In addition, it seems clear that the continuous advances in AI will make all these advantages even more noticeable as time progresses.

Better decisions in fundraising campaigns

Based on data and donor interactions, artificial intelligence determines key aspects for fundraising. A CRM helps raise funds and when they are supported by AI, the revenue growth is further optimized. Predictive learning is able to understand, for example, which existing donors are at some point more likely to leave the organization. If this is taken into account, it is easier to establish strategies that avoid membership churn.

In the same way, it can be anticipated which donors would be willing to expand their commitment if proper messaging and attention are given to them.

Reduce errors by improving automation

AI avoids performing tasks that previously had to be done manually. In this way, human errors are avoided.

But its possibilities do not stop here, but also optimizes time and the allocation of staff and volunteers to more productive work.

Specific segmentations

AI platforms for the nonprofit sector help to segment audiences in a very specific way. The organization can access geographic or demographic data, but also much more specific segmentations based on sentiment analysis and interactions, which allows us to understand the reasons behind the behavior of users. In this way it is possible to generate personalized messages efficiently.

At iXiam we have extensive experience in managing technological solutions for the nonprofit sector. We can help you introduce all the benefits of platforms with artificial intelligence in the management of your nonprofit. Fill out our form and we will contact you to help you meet your goals.

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