CiviCon Madrid 2015 for South Europe – Done!

Amazing first CiviCon South Europe in Madrid.

Last week we celebrated the first CiviCon for the South of Europe in Madrid. It was a great day that provided the opportunity to bring together users, developers and implementers from the local growing community in Spain. We had close to 40 people interested on CiviCRM. 

During the morning we had sessions from end users such as Amnesty International, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid or the Spanish Fundraising Association; other more technical ones from implementors like iXiam about CiviSEPA, Francesc with a talk about the use of CiviCRM on social action entities, and Michael McAndrew presenting CiviCRM community.

For those that have been using CiviCRM we had a Help-desk to solve specific questions and make CiviCon the best experience as possible. 

After the lunch break, we had 2 rooms with practical workshops on data integration, import & export data, Drupal and CiviCRM, reports and searches.

The day before, we had a training session that was a success with around 30 attendees. People could learn the basis of CiviCRM from the data organization to event management, reports, SEPA, web integration…. 

Two dynamic days that prove that there is a growing interest on CiviCRM and we have to work in spreading the word to get more organizations using it. Civi-Go was the sponsor for this CiviCon, and Madrid International Lab for the great space where we met for the conference.

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