CiviCRM in Spanish fully translated & REVIEWED!

Last January we shared here that the Spanish – Mexico (MX) translation project of CiviCRM was completed thanks to the community of translators. Even though this was a huge accomplishment, other challenges remained.

The Challenges

Having the Spanish – Mexico (MX) project translated was great, but definitely not enough.

  • The Spanish (ES) translation still varied too much from the Mexico (MX) project. The Spanish (ES) should be useful for a lot of Spanish-speaking countries, not only in Spain but also in Latin American countries, including: Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Paraguay among others
  • Despite the fact that the MX project was 100% translated, the translation was not normalized and sometimes inaccurate. Community based translation projects are great collaborative projects, but sometimes they can be inconsistent and have different translations for the same term
  • New CiviCRM 4.3 included many new features with new strings to be translated

The Goals

Since last April and in conjunction with the San Francisco CiviCON 2013 we decided to contribute in a much more substantive way with the Spanish (ES) translation project. We created the following objectives:

  • Fill all empty strings of the Spanish (ES) project with the ones already translated in the MX version
  • Become coordinators of the ES project in order to contribute more efficiently
  • Translate all new strings included with the version 4.3
  • Take advantage of the new “Reviewer” Role of Transifex in order to normalize the (ES) translation project with the goal of having a very good Spanish version of CiviCRM that could be widely used by all the Spanish-speaking CiviCRM community.
  • Quickly answer / approve to new user submissions to the translation project

The Achievement

After 5 months of hard work between iXiam’s staff and the community of translators, these objectives are completed, with special recognition to:

  • Thanks to the help of Mathieu Luffy, the ES empty strings were updated with the completed ones from the MX project. This made the project to grow until a very promising 80% completion rate
  • With the huge effort from Antonio Salgado (iXiam Argentina Manager) we have reviewed all of the 16,121 strings of the project and normalized them as much as we could. This took 5 months of painstaking work, but it was definitely worth it!
  • Thanks to the effort of the community of translators all new 4.3 version related strings were translated
  • The end result of all of this effort is: CiviCRM 4.3 Spanish (ES) translation is fully translated and reviewed!!!

This doesn’t mean that is perfect but it is a high quality translation available to all the Spanish-speaking community with a high level of normalization. There is still a lot of room for improvement and anyone interested in contributing to make this translation better will be very welcome.

The dark green bar reflects the strings reviewed / approved!

Insights and our Work

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