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More than 250+ hours of rich media content capture for HRS


iXiam was selected as the official content capture provider for the Heart Rhythm 2022 Congress hosted by the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) in San Francisco, CA. From April 29 – May 1, 2022, the Heart Rhythm 2022 offered a simultaneous In-Person and On-line experience, being a tremendous success thanks to the participation and shared expertise of 7,700+ heart rhythm professionals from around the world.

Hrs 2022 content capture

 Heart Rhythm 2022 Congress organized by the Heart Rhythm Society

Our team of qualified professionals remotely worked with the speakers to pre-record the presentations of the ones that were not going to be onsite. Check our Event Solutions section to find more about our Services and Solutions.

Heart rhythm 2022
Heart rhythm 2022

During the event, our onsite crew recorded 200+ hours of rich media content presented in 10 simultaneous rooms in the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco.

With a tight turnaround of 24 hours, our team used an Open Source automated 2 stream capture software based on Opencast and Galicaster

Galicaster-PRO (GC-PRO) is a powerful lecture and conference recording software. Running on the recommended Hardware it builds a fully featured multi-stream recording unit. GC-PRO is based on a compiled, optimized and enriched version of Galicaster Community-Edition Software

In-Person and Online-Only registered attendees can continue their #HRS2022 experience online with 250+ hours of on-demand educational and industry-led sessions.

Heart rhythm society Heart Rhythm Society[/caption

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