Coronavirus Fundraising Campaigns: Personal Campaigns

Make your own cause a challenge for the community, your donors fundraise for your organization


The current situation pushes us to be more supportive to nonprofit organizations. People from their homes are looking for opportunities to help in this crisis, what better way to contribute by creating a solidarity initiative. These personal initiatives help your organization get closer to the community and your donor´s network grows exponentially.

From Ixiam we have created the P2P Fundraising platform based on the functionality of Personal Campaigns included in CiviCRM. Through the P2P Fundraising platform, the supporters themselves raise funds for the organization. The platform allows them to be protagonists of a cause that they join through a personal challenge and all without leaving home. This challenge is shared with their family and friends who support the effort of your donor, at the same time that they raise funds for your organization to obtain medical supplies, to research a new vaccine, to help people at risk of social exclusion or any other project of your organization.



Why P2P?

P2P refers to Peer to Peer. It is not the organization but an external person who takes the initiative to raise funds. This raising model offers many advantages, among them we find the following:

  • Take advantage of the follower’s contact network
  • An approach from trust and personal relationships
  • Saving resources of your organization, since its the donor himself who is in charge of creating and distributing the campaign among his contacts
  • Your donors feel more connected to your nonprofit after personally raising money for it
  • Raising channels diversification allow greater flexibility and adaptability
  • All this without losing control of the principles of your organization, allowing you to accept or not the personal campaigns of your followers.

Why does P2P fundraising work?

Through the P2P Fundraising platform, your organization will have a public page where are shown the different projects in which the organization is working.

The person who access can make a donation directly to a project, choose from one of the solidarity campaigns already created by other users, or create their own solidarity initiative.

How do I create my personal campaign?

As simple as filling in some basic information:

Create an attractive message so that your friends and family are encouraged to follow your challenge and contribute to your campaign:

You can include a donation goal, setting a goal will motivate your acquaintances to donate until the goal is reached. You can add a suggestive photo and a progress bar to show how donations grow and the messages of your friends.

No more is needed, your solidarity campaign is ready:

Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, sporting events, personal challenges … everything is possible through a solidarity initiative.

The supporter can share his personal campaign with his friends and family via enabled social networks and they can start donating, just like anyone who accesses the platform who may be attracted to a challenge or a project and make a spontaneous donation.

And what happens next?

The system registers the donation, automatically sends an email thanking the new donor, another to the creator of the personal campaign and another to the organization. The donation goes directly to the organization’s account and the details of the new donor are automatically registered in the organization’s CiviCRM.

On the other hand, the donations received are also associated with the creator of the campaign by means of “credits”, which makes it possible to track the most popular initiatives and reward the followers for the greatest effort they have put into their initiative.

How do I make the tracking?

The organization can activate the functionality to review the campaigns before they are published, also can modify or stop them at any time.

In addition, CiviCRM’s analysis reports will allow tracking the campaigns with the highest number of donations, the campaigns that do not register activity or those that have attracted greater amount per donation.

Automatic emails can be scheduled to new donors to encourage them to get involved with the organization, to followers who have created solidarity campaigns to thank them for their work, or to followers with less active campaigns to give them advice on how to modify the message, photo or make a better distribution of their campaign.

The P2P Fundraising platform responds to current needs, engages your followers and your community, saves resources to your organization and provides you with other raising channels. Do not wait any longer to include it on your website. For more information contact us at

Written by Carolina Bardisa, CiviCRM and Fundraising Consultant

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