Fundraising campaign for UC3M University

Hemos diseñado una plataforma para realizar captación de fondos online. Se integra con múltiples procesadores de pago y con civicrm.

We have collaborated with the Carlos III University of Madrid launching their fundraising page for its “Alumni Scholarships” campaign.

In their first week of the campaign they have already managed to raise € 10,000 through ONLINE donations.

The Alumni Scholarship Program, which celebrates its tenth anniversary, is an initiative of the Carlos III University Foundation that was born to help students with an outstanding academic record and limited financial resources to come to study at UC3M.
The objective set for this year is to go from 12 to 15 scholarships financed with the proceeds of the campaign.

New fundraising consultancy service

With the aim to keep helping our customers we have also launched a consulting service in Fundraising so that our clients who wish to do so continue to deepen their fundraising strategies, this will help them to focus the message on potential donors, and effectively transmit the projects carried out.

Contact us and we will have a chat about your needs.

Powerfull digital fundraising tool

This demonstrates the power and usefulness of these types of tools that allow organizations to launch and create their digital campaigns and reach the general public.

More advantages of this fundraising page:

• The entity receives the donation at the moment and the contribution is very simple to make the donation. The entity receives 100% of the donation, NO COMMISION from our side, the page and the tool is all yours.

• It has a built-in payment processor (in this case Redsys, which works with all credit and debit cards in Spain). And we can add different processors depending on the customer´s needs.

• Donations are reflected on the page itself, like an accountant, and that encourages donors to continue contributing.

• It Incorporates a CRM at the backend, CiviCRM is the tool that will register the donation, save the contact, send the thank you message and later (when and if requested) it will generate the donation certificate to be sent to the donor.

• Reports can be generated from the CRM to monitor the campaign and can be exported to be presented.

Digital transformation is a fact and it is here to stay!

Since 2007 we are accompanying and apporting our know-how so that our clients’ projects continue to grow and so their social impact. Our clients  are non profit´s entities such as: NGOs, Associations, Foundations, Universities. international organizations, medical´s and patient´s organizations .

Let us help you to better communicate with your environment.

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