Improving the fundraising and contact management for the DiabetesCERO Foundation

According to data from the Spanish Diabetes Society, around 90,000 people have type 1 diabetes in our country. It is an autoimmune disease of unknown origin that causes the body to be unable to produce insulin naturally. The first episode usually occurs in children under 15 years of age.

Associations like DiabetesCERO Foundation dedicate their efforts to promoting research and improving the quality of patients. But to achieve their goals, they need the support of donors and volunteers. Today, technological solutions are essential to reaching more people. iXiam is a known ally for medical organizations in implementing, maintaining and developing these systems.

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What is the DiabetesCERO Foundation and how does iXiam collaborate with them?

The DiabetesCERO Foundation has been working for years to achieve greater monitoring and financing of type 1 diabetes. Its actions seek to raise awareness in society about this problem and obtain support that allows the implementation of scientific studies that work to improve the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

Fundraising and revenue collection is a core part of the project. It comes from the payment of quotas and donations from citizens, as well as from the sale of products, the holding of sporting events or the organization of markets, among other activities.

Data management and donations from DiabetesCERO Foundation collaborators have the support of iXiam, which offers its extensive experience when it comes to implementing technological tools in the Third Sector. We know how important it is to optimize all interaction processes between NGOs and partners and donors. Proof of this are our numerous success stories, including the one we discussed in a previous blog post: the productive alliance between iXiam and the American Diabetes Association in favor of doctors and patients.

Organizations such as DiabetesCERO Foundation or the ADA are aware of the importance of having integrated technological solutions and working with tools that improve the dissemination and reach of all information and communications with contacts. The services offered by iXiam come at considerable cost savings and provide the necessary support to attract new donors and maintain existing ones.

Leveraging the best open source CRM for the nonprofit sector

We have been involved for more than 14 years working with CiviCRM and open source software specialized in organizations of the nonprofit sector and from which back-office administrative processes and website integration all come together in a single system.

The DiabetesCERO Foundation chose us to implement it, which meant including new member registration forms and donations. The success of our joint work is proof that working with a CRM is the best solution to raise funds in the nonprofit world.

Provide compliance related to Model 182 regulation

Model 182 works as an informative and mandatory declaration to the Spanish Tax Agency in which nonprofit organizations indicate donations received. We implementation of a module that allows the management of all data related to this government requirement to be carried out in a simple and fast way.

Improve Communications

In order to optimize communications, we integrated Mosaico templates, a module that brings the ease of use found in other “drag-and-drop” email builders like Mailchimp to create visually appealing emails. This harnesses the power of your database, allowing numerous ways to segment the data. The advantage over an external system? You would otherwise face burdensome syncing or lack the finely-grained data to segment properly.

Rigorous data protection

Finally, we also manage contacts and communication preferences through the GDPR module (General Data Protection Regulation). It stores the history of all contacts who have accepted the data protection policy.

At iXiam we put our knowledge to work to achieve meaningful results for those we collaborate with. Do you want to boost your fundraising efforts and ease the burden of contact management? Fill out our form and we will work with you to meet your goals.

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