Integral solution for European Cycling Federation: Website +Intranet + CiviCRM.

The CFE consortium was looking for a technological partner that could design and develop a solution to be able to manage the program through a web tool that would be accessible to companies, coordinators and auditors from different countries.

Ixiam was chosen as a technological partner and in February 2021 we started the project.

The platform is based on Open Source technologies, specifically Drupal and CiviCRM. It is made up of 3 main components, a public website, an evaluation management tool / intranet and a management system.

Public website

The public website, accessible at, was developed in Drupal 8 and its main objective is to explain and promote the CFE certification program.


Website designed by Ixiam Global solutions

The most complex component of the solution is the tool to manage the assessments that companies complete in order to become certified in the program. The technology on which it is developed is Drupal 8.

The platform has an intranet or a private area for users who access it. The solution is localized for each of the countries that are part of the program, each one has its own scoring system and the tool is translated for your preferred language.

Meeting customer´s needs!

The evaluation system has been designed and developed completely tailored to the project and allows each country to have a different scoring system, so that companies can carry out draft evaluations before sending the final ones and manage the requested review / approval workflow.
We could adapt and meet customer´s workflows in order to make it easier for the customer and for the end user while submitting the forms.

Exmple: On each evaluation there is a workflow that allows the coordinator of each country to assign an auditor to approve or reject the evaluation, being able to rectify the score and criteria written by the company.

Management system / CRM

The management system / backEND of the platform is based on CiviCRM, natively integrated with the evaluation tool in Drupal. Through this integration, the platform coordinators can manage the companies, the users of each company, extract reports and send communications using the CiviCRM functionalities.

Whiele developing the project we used Drupal and CiviCRM, FLOSS tools. This way, the customer does not have to incur license fees for use of the tool and all the developments are their property.

The platform is hosted on our SaaS service for Drupal and CiviCRM, Civi-Go.

Whats is this "platform" used for?

The Cycling Friendly Employer (CFE) certification is a program to establish a European standard for “Cycling Friendly” companies. This certification tries to improve the situation of the employees of European companies who go to work by bicycle. Upon completion of the program, companies receive the “Cycle-friendly employer” certificate.

The benefits that a company obtains by promoting and encouraging the bicycle transport of its employees, among others, are:

Reduction of costs derived from sick leave: employees who travel by bicycle get sick 30% less than those who travel by car.
Less infrastructure: bicycles need less space than other means, such as the car
Environmental benefit: by reducing the amount of car transport, traffic is reduced and environmental protection is improved
The CFE program is made up of a group of associations from the following countries:

The Netherlands

At Ixiam we are happy being able to collaborate in different CFE projects for many years now. We are deligthed to be one of its technological partners. We encourage all of you to participate in this certification that can add value to any organization.

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