iXiam and CiviCRM: a partnership of continuous improvement

There are relationships that fit from the very first moment. It happens in all facets of life. The
protagonists help each other and grow together thanks to the constant support they give each
other. Today we are going to tell you about one of them. This is the story of iXiam and CiviCRM
and how their bond has made them progress and put their knowledge at the service of
improving the management of Third Sector
organizations. We write about it, as always, in
iXiam´s blog.

CiviCRM and the importance of its community

CiviCRM is a software that manages relationships with contacts that interact with
organizations. Specially oriented to Third Sector organizations, it is able to integrate all the
administrative processes of an NGO in a single program
. If you want to know more about it, in
this article we tell you what CiviCRM is and what it is used for.

As you know, CiviCRM is a free and open source software. This means that users are free to
view and modify the source code and distribute copies to the people or organizations they
consider. And it is at this point that the collaborative dimension of the project is valued. In
other words, it is the community that cooperates in the development of the program that
makes it possible for the project to function and enjoy constant improvement.

This community is made up of a group of professionals and software developers who enrich
the CRM
with their continuous contributions through the different channels available. Anyone
with the necessary knowledge who joins the community can share ideas and information that
benefit the performance and security of the program.

But not only that, but free software is also an unparalleled practical learning tool for
programmers who are just starting out, thanks to the interaction of the people who participate
in this collaborative environment.

iXiam and CiviCRM, a long-lasting relationship

It is in this community of collaborators that iXiam is integrated as a core part of the project and
of CiviCRM´s continuous improvements. With more than 14 years of involvement, iXiam has
been able to improve user experiences by developing extensions within the software

Because if iXiam and CiviCRM stand out for anything, it is for sharing values of collaboration
and solidarity.
So much so that iXiam is an official CiviCRM partner and belongs to the Gold
category, the highest category to which one can aspire. From this joint commitment, they
promote digital transformation through their work with organizations that seek to generate a
social impact. Their productive and long-lasting relationship demonstrates that technological
advances are a key part of supporting the improvement of people´s lives.

Nothing better than free and open source software, which grows according to the
contributions of the people involved in it, to demonstrate that only through collaboration is it possible to approach the improvement of society and raise awareness of the situation of
disadvantaged groups.

What does iXiam bring to CiviCRM?

But to be able to value the benefits of a relationship over time, it is necessary to rely on facts.
So, here we go. Here are some of the most significant contributions made by iXiam in its
relationship with CiviCRM

  • Development of extensions or modules so that other members of the community can use it. iXiam has a specialized team of professionals who actively work as developers of the software. In addition, it generates custom modules and creates apps that are integrated with CiviCRM.
  • Holding events for the CiviCRM community. iXiam organized in Barcelona in 2019 a global meeting in which the most representative members of the community from all over the world were present. In this type of meeting, knowledge and learning about the software is shared, in addition to creating a personal bond between those who attend. In addition to these events, end-user oriented meetings are held periodically to invite potential customers.
  • Provide technical support and training on the tool to customers. Explaining how CiviCRM works and solving specific problems is fundamental for the optimal use of the tool.
  • Offer different hosting plans for CiviCRM.
  • Share success stories. iXiam explains on the CiviCRM website experiences that serve as learning for the entire community, in addition to detailing success stories.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others”. This African proverb sums up the purpose of the relationship between iXiam and CiviCRM. Their long-standing collaboration has contributed to developing a solid project and implementing continuous improvements that benefit all users of the software and its entire community.

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