iXiam and CiviCRM: a partnership of continuous improvement

There are relationships that fit from the very first moment. It happens in all facets of life. This is the story of iXiam and CiviCRM and how their bond has made them progress and put their knowledge at the service of improving the management of nonprofit organizations.

CiviCRM and the importance of its community

As you know, CiviCRM is a free and open source software. This means that there is no permission needed to improve it. Users are free to view and modify the source code and distribute it. And it is at this point that the collaborative dimension of the project occurs. In other words, it is the community that cooperates in the development of the program that makes it possible for the project to function and enjoy constant improvement. It’s why CiviCRM has been building on itself since 2004!

This community is made up of a group of users, implementers and software developers who enrich the CRM with their continuous contributions through the bug reporting, improvements (UI or functionality) and code contributions. Anyone with the necessary knowledge can share their feedback that benefit the performance, usability and security of the program.

But not only that, but free software is also an unparalleled practical learning tool for programmers who are just starting out.

iXiam and CiviCRM, a long-lasting relationship

It is in this community of collaborators that iXiam is integrated as a core part of the project and of CiviCRM´s continuous improvements. With involvement since 2007, iXiam has been able to improve user experiences by developing extensions within the software community.

Because if iXiam and CiviCRM stand out for anything, it is for sharing values of collaboration. So much so that iXiam is an official CiviCRM Gold partner. This top-level commitment provides support to strengthen the CiviCRM core software. Jointly, they promote digital transformation through their work with organizations that seek to generate a social impact. Their productive and long-lasting relationship demonstrates that technological advances are a key part to achieving real results. Being free and open source software, the product grows daily via the contributions of the people involved in it.

What does iXiam bring to CiviCRM?

But to be able to value the benefits of a relationship over time, it is necessary to look at the facts. So, here we go. Here are some of the most significant contributions made by iXiam in its relationship with CiviCRM.

Extension Development

iXiam has a specialized team of over 10 professionals who actively work as developers. In addition, it generates custom modules and creates apps that are integrated with CiviCRM. We have developed / funded the following public extensions:

Hosting Events

iXiam has had a presence at a myriad of events for the CiviCRM community. iXiam organized in the Global Community Summit & Sprint – Barcelona, a global meeting in which the most representative members of the community from all over the world were present. In this type of meeting, the direction of the project is deeply evaluated. Sprints take place, where rapid code contributions to specific parts of the software are worked on. Above all, knowledge is shared, in addition to creating a personal bond between those who attend.

Civicrm 2019 global community summit barcelona hosted by ixiam global solutions

In addition to this major event, end-user oriented meetings are held periodically to explain CiviCRM impact on potential organizations along with giving back to current users.

Technical and User Support

Sometimes you just get stuck.

Maybe a scheduled reminder email isn’t sending on time or your site performance is lacking. A report isn’t quite delivering the information you want. You want to change your ACL permissions so your contacts are accessed in a more granular way. Whatever it is, if it’s bothering you, it’s likely that it’s important enough not to ignore it but seek support to resolve it.

Alternatively, maybe you’re happy with what you have but you want to extend CiviCRM beyond what your initial implementation envisioned. That’s a good thing! It means your organization is growing with your CiviCRM.

This is where our high-level planning and helpdesk support comes in. iXiam can help you keep your CiviCRM instance going from strength to strength. iXiam provides technical support and training to solve each organizations specific use-case. This is fundamental for the optimal use of the tool.

Hosting Plans

iXiam offers different hosting plans for CiviCRM, no matter the size of your organization. Civi-Go runs as Software as a Service (also known as SaaS) that allows any organization to start using CiviCRM with just a few clicks and without the need to maintain a Server or hiring an IT professional. iXiam is one of the premier CiviCRM SaaS providers and it is core to the work we do, everyday.

Case Studies

 iXiam contributes our success stories on the CiviCRM website as well as on our blog that serve as learning for the entire community, in addition to new organizations evaluating making CiviCRM their CRM of choice.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others”

This African proverb sums up the purpose of the relationship between iXiam and CiviCRM. Their long-standing collaboration has contributed to developing a solid project and implementing continuous improvements that benefit over 11,000 organizations using the software and its entire community.

Insights and our Work

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