iXiam collaborates with these sectors

Putting expertise at the service of the other party and adapting to their needs is key for any
relationship between two organizations to obtain the best results. This is what iXiam strives to
do, working with sectors with which it shares values to become their strategic ally. iXiam is a magnificent example collaborating with the third sector entities. 

iXiam collaborates with a diversity of sectors

In these times of technological transformation, third sector organizations need the support of
companies capable of implementing strategies that enhance their activity and provide the
social benefit that is at its core. To achieve this, it is advisable that such support comes from
companies that know the sectors in which they operate.

What advantages does iXiam offer to the sectors with which it collaborates?

The diversity of sectors with which iXiam collaborates is the best example of the interest of
third sector organizations in its know-how. The implementation of technological solutions and
the ability to adapt to the specific needs of each organization are some of the obvious benefits.
But there is more:

  • Working with free software. iXiam and all the sectors with which it collaborates share
    an open and democratic vision of the world in general and of technology in particular.
    Therefore, implementing open source solutions such as CiviCRM or Drupal goes
    beyond the purely technical benefits, as it also keeps a collaborative spirit shared by all
  • Continuous training and technical support. iXiam offers its customers training courses
    that enable them to learn how to control the solutions they work with. This guarantees
    their independence and progressive mastery of the softwares functions. In addition,
    technical support is a very important support.
  • Efficiency in fundraising. Any third sector organization is aware of the importance of all
    phases of fundraising. From attraction to donor loyalty, including constant information
    and adequate control of all interactions. iXiam works so that the software can do it
    easily without major concern for the user.
  • Being part of a community. When working with open source solutions, there are active
    communities of users who communicate and continuously improve the technological
    functions. In addition, security breaches are quickly solved with the joint support of all
    those who are part of it.

One of the keys to the success of iXiams collaboration with these sectors is that they share
values of social improvement. The sum of their efforts has a clear objective: to use the
advantages of open technology in organizations that pursue social good.

iXiam and the NGO sector

Lets start by summarizing very simply what a CRM is: it is a technological tool that makes it
possible to record, organize and simplify an organizations management with customers. If
these functions are applied to an NGO, its benefits, if possible, are even greater. This is how we
came to CiviCRM, which specializes in the management of third sector organizations. Here we
explain in more detail what CiviCRM is and what it is used for.

iXiam and the university sector

Universities around the world have relied on iXiam not only to implement CiviCRM, but also to
implement solutions as decisive as a public website, establish a private and collaborative
Intranet or improve communication.
From this link, it is now possible for many universities to benefit from a system capable of
managing a huge database that integrates from students to teachers, including former
students and collaborators of all kinds.

iXiam and the congress and conference sector

Physical and hybrid events are other sectors with which iXiam collaborates to generate a
unique experience. Nothing can go wrong with them. The software for congresses and
conferences has a CRM that allows you to record attendee data and maintain a link after the

In addition, it offers on-site recording and the generation of an interactive webcast from the
reception of material recorded by another company. In the same way, iXiam facilitates the
design and development of specific websites for the sessions that are held.

iXiam and the foundations and associations sector

Managing membership fees, fundraising, increasing interaction or developing personalized
communication are some of the solutions that can be accessed with the help of CiviCRM.

The implementation of this software by iXiam allows organizations of all sizes to carry out a
simple and comprehensive administration of the basic aspects for its operation.

iXiam and the medical societies sector

The healthcare sector and iXiam have been working together for years. We all know how
important congresses and events are for communicating the advances of medical entities. And
we have seen all the functions that iXiam offers to optimize its operation and dissemination.
But thats not all. There are many national and international health organizations that rely on
the company to implement CiviCRM or a leading CMS such as Drupal and launch professional
resource portals or keep a rigorous control of the interactions
between members of the
organizations in the sector.

iXiam and the management of UN agency projects

All these functions that we have been pointing out have aroused the interest of the UN itself.
Between 2013 and 2019 iXiam collaborated as a technology provider for the General Assembly
of Unesco.

Among other tasks, it was in charge of providing assistance for the creation of a website and a
platform where attendees were accredited, participants were registered and even used to
delegate votes at the General Assembly.

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