iXiam will sponsor next CiviCON London

iXiam will be Gold Sponsor of next CiviCON London 2012, the annual CiviCRM European Meeting that will take place next 2rd & 4rd of october in London. The two day, annual CiviCRM user and implementer conference is Europe’s biggest Civi meetup. Whether you’re already using or considering using CiviCRM, the conference will be packed with the essential presentations, workshops and people that will help your organisation get the most from CiviCRM.

Whether you’ve a voluntary group who has just discovered CRM or a national organisation, at CiviCon you’ll meet people who can help and be able to share your tips and experiences.

Algunos de los temas interesantes que se tratarán en la conferencia son:


Our session line up includes workshops and presentations for users, implementors and developers so whatever your skill level and interests, you are sure to find lots of interest.
If you’re doing something interesting with CiviCRM tell the community about it. It could be a session for absolute novices or an in depth workshop. Sharing your knowledge makes Civi better

Training and Sprints

As usual we’ll be toping and tailing CiviCon with trainings and sprints. Before CiviCon we have a user and administrator training and a . Afterwards we’ll be headed up to Manchester to extend the conference with a week long sprint (what is a sprint?). Attendees of all skill levels are encouraged to attend and contribute to CiviCRM

CiviCRM es un CRM Open Source para el tercer sector desarrollado específicamente para cubrir las necesidades de ONG’s, Asociaciones, Organizaciones Internacionales, Fundaciones y otras entidades generalmente sin fines de lucro. CiviCRM está 100% traducido al español

Insights and our Work

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