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We are approaching the fifth edition of Giving Tuesday. December 3rd is a global day of giving, fueled by the power of social media If your organization is willing to participate, it is time to look forward and launch your campaign.

Get ready!

  • Plan your campaign and recruit a team
  • Tell your story so that it inspires support
  • Create timelines to organize your planning 
  1. Register at, choose your “heart location” ,complete your profile and upload your project. 
  2. Participate at the GivingTuesday contests that your local host is organizing 
  3. Organize a solidarity action, involve your volunteers and neighbors in the community to organize a street market, a trip to the mountain, car wash, sale of cakes or lemonade, etc.
    Take all the creativity you already used on your campaign planning and use  a tool to register all interactions (CiviCRM).Creating a campaign will help you combine all the activities you carry out under a single umbrella and CiviCRM will help you with its launch: 
  4. Create the Giving Tuesday campaign on your CiviCRM, set yourself a goal and activate your organization’s resources! 
  5. Create a contribution page. Include the link in your GivingTuesday project. This page will allow you register the donations you receive from GivingTuesday directly into your CiviCRM. You just need to include the Contribution page link in your website.
    1. Set up your contribution page and allow your donors to create their own personal campaign pages to help you raise.
    2. Include a “widget” that visually reflects the donations made and encourages other contacts to donate
    3. Invite your contacts to participate by donating, volunteering or inviting their friends and family to participate using the CiviCRM feature “tell a friend”The contributions will be linked to the Giving Tuesday Campaign you have created, which will allow you to measure the results of your Giving Tuesday Campaign
  1. Promote your campaign on social networks.
     /GivingTuesdayES   @GivingTuesdayES   @givingtuesdayes 
  2. Create a special and customed message that reaches the heart of your donors. The CiviCRM extension, Mosaic will help you create a visually attractive and friendly message template 
  3. Use tokens. Tokens will help you personalize your messages to get to your donor´s heart. 
  4. Segment your contacts, what if you create groups of contacts based on their location, gender, age and media? Your message will not be ignored. 
  5. Send an email to the contacts in your database inviting them to participate, use the contact groups you have use for segmentation. 
  6. Create a calendar defining the tasks to be carried out during the campaign, use the activities of CiviCRM to assign tasks (phone calls, meetings, campaign launch …) and follow up.
    Once the campaign is over, celebrate your success with your donors and partners! Analyze the results and above all thank your donors and volunteers for their collaboration and let them see how important they have been for the success of your project:

12. Publish articles or videos giving thanks, informing of what you have achieved and the impact it will have on your projects. 

13. Analyze the results through CiviCRM campaign reports, how much money have you collected? How many new contacts have you gotten? What has been the average donation. 

14. Send a thankyou email through CiviMail including the group of contacts that have donated to your cause in this campaign. And have new donors identified for the next membership conversion campaign.

The end of this campaign is only heading to the beginning of the next donor retention and loyalty campaign, so don’t let your guard down!

Happy Giving Tuesday!

Escrito por Carolina Bardisa, consultora de CiviCRM y Fundraising

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