Madrid Food Bank

Banco de Alimentos de Madrid uses CiviCRM to manage its subscribers, food donors and one-off donors. Ixiam developed forms adapted to the needs of Banco de Alimentos de Madrid that connected with CiviCRM and allow an agile and efficient data management. In turn, they takes advantage of other CiviCRM functionalities to generate tax receipts, model 182, SEPA remittances.

In 2015 we started with the implementation of CiviCRM and we are proud to see the growth of this Banco de Alimentos, which helps hundreds of thousands of people.

The growth between 2018 and 2021 is especially spectacular. We are happy to be able partner with them with everything related to CiviCRM management and also in fundraising campaigns.

In March 2021 we received this customer feedback:

We want to highlight all the help and collaboration that we have received from the company iXIAM for the last five years, with whom we have a hosting and maintenance service for our CIVI tool. We highlight not only their professionalism but also the humane and committed treatment that we receive from their employees.

If for our Foundation, CIVI is a key tool in the development of our work, it has been essential for us that, after patient customization work carried out, we have been able to successfully face the challenge posed by the pandemic thanks to the management of donations received through electronic means (internet, social networks, etc.)

Milagros Benito Tapia, Director of Marketing and Communication of Banco de Alimentos Madrid

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