New fundraising advisory and consulting service

Raising funds for your own organization is not an easy task. That is the reason why iXiam wants
to accompany our clients by offering an advisory and consultancy service in fundraising
and thus help those organizations that cannot have solely a in-house fundraising team. We supplement your team to boost your results!

New fundraising advisory and consulting service

Objectives of fundraising consulting

The objectives of our initial advice and accompaniment service are the following:

  • Provide support to create and develop a fundraising strategy where the organization has measurable and achievable objectives (a series of KPIs).
  • Increase the effectiveness of campaigns and connect with potential donors.
  • Improve the organization´s communications by enhancing its messages and positioning proposals.
  • Teach digital tools that help in the creation of fundraising campaigns.

Who is our fundraising consulting service for?

Our fundraising consultancy can help all those organizations in the third sector, whether they
are NGOs, societies, associations, foundations or universities interested in increasing their
and possible collaborations with the different actors in their ecosystem.

In iXiam we have trained staff with extensive experience in the world of fundraising to create,
together with the organizations, fundraising strategies to have a roadmap that reflects a series
of measurable and consistent activities with the activity and message of the organization.
Thanks to our knowledge of the field, we are able to advise and accompany in the
development, analysis and monitoring of the proposed activities.

Our methodology

Our fundraising consultancy is a personalized service. It is based on a series of meetings and
workshops that will allow us to get to know and understand your needs and then jointly
develop proposals that are adapted to the characteristics of your organization.

On the one hand, thanks to the analysis of the current fundraising strategies, knowing the
objectives of the organization, its vision and mission, we will look for activities that are
effective and can be implemented in the short term.

On the other hand, we will analyze the situation of the “market”; where the organization is
located in order to learn from others, to know in depth your own donor, collaborator or target
and to enhance the message to reach the desired audience.

Together we will develop an action plan with clear objectives and digital tools that will
accompany us during the development of the project. We will propose a series of actions to
raise funds, since fundraising is a process, it is not a one-time activity, but a set of activities
that involve people with your organization.

Our team at your disposal

Carolina Bardisa, CiviCRM and Fundraising Consulotra

Degree in International Economics and Development from the Complutense University of
Madrid, Master in International Trade/ICEX scholarship in Taiwan and Postgraduate in
Fundraising from the University of Barcelona IL3. She speaks four languages and has more than
fifteen years of international experience and four years of experience as a consultant in
CiviCRM and Fundraising oriented to the Third Sector, with clients such as Anima Investment
Network (France), Teachers Network (Turkey), Arquitectura sin Fronteras among others.

Fernando Gotz Cart, Fundraising Consultant

Graduated in Marketing and Public Relations, he has a postgraduate degree in Fundraising
from the University of Barcelona IL3. He has ten years of experience helping third sector
organizations such as the Spanish Red Cross, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu or OR Asociación to
raise funds. He is also a guest lecturer at the UPF and at the University of Barcelona Abroad on
Social Marketing.

Martí Prat, Consultant at CiviCRM

With a degree in Business Administration and Management (UOC), he has eight years of
experience helping third sector organizations in the digitization of campaigns: Food Bank,
Amnesty International, Universities and public institutions.

Getting Started

If you need more information or are interested in hiring this fundraising consulting service, we
invite you to contact us. We will have a brief meeting to get to know your needs and we will
explain how we can help you to develop your campaigns.

Insights and our Work

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