Official Virtual Event provider for the EW Summit 2020

iXiam was the official Virtual Events provider for the Electronics Watch 2020 Summit – ReWORKing Health and Safety.

Eight sessions in four days with more than 30 international speakers and more than 300 registered participants

What is ReWORKing Health and Safety? A little history of the event…

Is a timely four-day online event that will make the case that workers’ occupational health and safety is fundamental to resilient supply chains. Presenters had focus on workers’ own perspectives and explore the role of public buyers in ensuring resiliency by protecting workers’ health, safety, and other rights.

Interactive webinars with expert presenters and a deeper understanding of how workers can be protected from health hazards and why this is the cornerstone of supply chains capable of withstanding crises like the Corona pandemic.

Our Platform

Our platform allows both presenters and attendees the ability to benefit from your meeting content in a single, unified platform.

We offer a customizable event website with built-in registration and payment modules. Engage your users with mailings and newsletters. All presenters can pre-record their presentation using our online tools. Schedule live discussion rooms with attendees and featured speakers.

Create a virtual meeting website as your meeting destination. Easily create your landing pages, content pages and registration pages.  Optional payment integration is available for attendee registration fees.

Our live webinars / discussion rooms are used to interaction between the speakers and the audience.  Easily schedule and invite attendees to the discussion rooms. 

Our platform is integrated with Zoom Webinars and Zoom Meetings. The users will be able to create webinars, assign speakers and control the security of each session.

On Demand Presentations

Don’t let your content die after the event. With our 2 stream interactive player, the presentations and live discussions can be available for on demand access after the meeting.

Live Chat with Instant Meetings

The platform includes a Live Chat feature that allows to create Powerful Chatbots, switch to Human Agents and create on the fly Instant Meetings sharing camera, audio and screen.

Insights and our Work

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