Processing online payments with BIZUM in CiviCRM

Bizum, the instant online payment processor with your mobile phone number, now integrates with CiviCRM.
At Ixiam we have developed an extension for CiviCRM that allows you to use Bizum as an online payment processor to make contributions, renew subscriptions or pay for tickets to events.


Which banks are compatible with Bizum

What is Bizum and how does it work

Bizum is a money transfer system, an alternative to bank transfers and that competes directly with other renowned systems such as PayPal. Its main argument against bank transfers is that the money arrives at the moment, regardless of the entity from which you carry out the transaction.

Bizum is the platform or service through which the money is sent, but it is a system integrated directly into the application of each bank, so you do not need to download any extra app to use it. It is supported by the majority of Spanish banks, so all you have to do is check if you have the option to use it in your app.

With this platform you will be able to send and request money from other users who also use it, all for free and instantly. The only condition is that the other user also has an account in the banks that collaborate with the project and accept its use. It also allows you to send money to NGOs.

Bizum also allows you to use it to make payments for your online purchases. You just have to indicate your phone number in the online store that supports it, and validate the operation so that the money is transmitted safely. In addition, they also want to start implementing a mobile payment system for physical stores shortly.

Bizum & CiviCRM

With this extension, we hope to help CiviCRM become more widely used with this easy-to-use payment processor.

At the moment the possibility of paying one-off contributions (non-recurring) is available.

If you want to install it in CiviCRM from Ixiam, we can help you

Now you have the possibility of integrating BIZUM as a payment method in CiviCRM and we from Ixiam want to help you do it.

Contact one of our consultants or through and we will advise you on how to make it happen.

This articlle has been written by Ruben Pineda, who also developed this extension in CiviCRM.

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