Processing online payments with CiviCRM & Mercado Pago

Mercado Pago, the most widespread online virtual payment wallet in Latin America, is now integrated with CiviCRM.

At Ixiam we have been implementing CiviCRM in Latin American countries for more than 10 years, which has led us to develop an extension for CiviCRM that allows Mercado Pago to be used as an online payment processor to make contributions, renew subscriptions or pay tickets to events.

Mercado Pago in recent years has become the payment processor with the best acceptance in the Latin American market.

What is a Mercado Pago?

Mercado Pago is a “fintech”, it was born as Mercado Libre’s payment method. MercadoLibre is a company dedicated to online purchases, sales and payments. It has operations in almost all Latin America. It is the largest Virtual Market in Latin America where you can buy and sell everything.

Going a little further, Mercado Pago is a virtual wallet that allows you to solve a large number of daily payments, avoiding paperwork and saving time.

It can be purchased through e-commerce stores, and it also allows you to pay for utilities and many other things. This is on the buyer’s side.

On the seller’s side, the benefits are greater, since it allows sales to be made with debit, credit cards or cash before delivering the merchandise and ensuring its collection in a timely manner.

It is a very simple way of payment. There are no technical complications and no special knowledge is needed to pay for products or services. It is paid on the spot, electronically, without extras or commissions.

You can pay from anywhere, anytime. Operations are secure, as Mercado Pago provides advanced anti-fraud technology.

You can pay with cash or in installments with a credit card. As with the physical wallet, this virtual wallet must be loaded with money or linked to some other means of payment

Mercado Pago is present in the following countries:

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela

Mercado Pago & CiviCRM

With this extension we hope to contribute that CiviCRM will be more widely used in Latin America with this easy-to-use payment processor.

At the moment the possibility of paying specific contributions (non-recurring) is available since Mercado Pago does not yet support the creation of subscriptions through its Api.

To download the extension that is free to use, you can find it at:

For more information about Mercado Pago, visit the website:

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