RFM Segmentation for CiviCRM

We have great news for CiviCRM users who want to know better their donors / partners and their behaivour in terms of how and when they donate and learn about their capacity to give. We have developed an extension capable of offering you an excellent picture of your database, which will provide you with very valuable data on the evolution of your donors.

Effectively segment your donors and partners through RFM analysis.

RMF Segmentation: What does it offer you?

RFM analysis is a Marketing formula used to segment donors based on donations made.
The idea is to segment donors based on when they donated in the past, how often they donated in a given period, and how much they’ve donated in total. It is different from other segmentation models because it is data-driven, highly accurate, and easily scales to any number of resulting segments.

The analysis of the RFM variables (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) leads us to the segmentation into groups or clusters that allows us to identify what type of donors the organization has. The default groups that you define are Active, Inactive, Silent or Lost Donors and within these parent groups you can further segment the database according to the values obtained from the RFM analysis. The communication or fundraising/marketing actions will be focused differently for each group of donors.

Este análisis se realizará mediante la extensión Segmentación RFM en un CRM adaptado y focalizado en el Tercer Sector. La herramienta segmenta de forma automática basada en unos valores pre-configurados y crea los grupos de análisis. Estas acciones automáticas proporcionan, de forma ágil, los resultados nos permiten segmentar nuestra Base de datos y establecer las interacciones pertinentes con nuestro público objetivo.

Extension - the Clusters

Central idea: Segment the donor database using a digital tool based on RFM analysis.

You set the ranks with which we classify your groups.

You can change the group names and terminology that you use in your organization.

Once configured in CiviCRM the extension creates a scheduled job for you and creates the donor clusters.


Benefits of segmentation

Organizations and in particular fundraising specialists understand the importance of “knowing your donor thoroughly”.
Personalize: By creating customer segments you will be able to create relevant and personalized campaigns and messages.
Call to actions, communication strategies and fundraising actions will be different based on each group.

We would like to highlight that this new Software development was designed together as per one of our customer´s, Radio Maria World that requested it for their organization.

Its Fundraising director and CRM referent Fabiola Occhiuto and Andrea Moccia from Asset Roma guided us through the requirements and we provided the technical part to shape this idea. Teamwork always brings us good results!

Contact us and we will make you a DEMO to show you everything that this extension can bring you.

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