Success: CiviDay Spain had over 100 attendees

On the 29th of January, more than 100 projects got together in Madrid and Barcelona to learn about the advantages of this free open source CRM.

Among other things, humane societies, associations and foundations learned how CIviCRM could help them in the following tasks:
  • Organising contacts, associates doners and voluntaries
  • Register all activities related to: 
  • Massive sending of emails, newsletters and notices
  • Management of associates and memenbers
  • Creation of online contribution websites.
  • Integration with the web (Drupal, Joomla and WordPress)
  • Viewing data through reports
  • Management of events
  • Management of volunteers

CiviDay Madrid

Carlos Capote (Amnesty) and Pablo Sullivan (Movimiento por la Paz) organized CiviDay in Madrid. Thanks to them, more than 60 people had the chance to enjoy this event. 

The act was celebrated in Medialab-Prado, a “citizen laboratory used to produce, investigate and broadcast cultural projects. It also explores forms of collaborative experimenting and learning that have emerged from digital networks”. Michael McAndrew, who is CiviCRM’s community manager; Alejandro Salgado, from Ixiam and Carlos Capote from Amnesty spoke on behalf of CiviCRM. During the presentation, the attendees learned more about this open source software tool that has already helped so many oganizations, NGOs and foundations of every shape and size. The event started off by going over some of the more technical aspects of this tool. After a break during which the attendees had the chance to chat with the speakers, there was a more interactive part where the attendees proposed a case and the speakers used a demo to show them possible solutions CiviCRM has to offer.

CiviCRM working group in Madrid

Thanks to Carlos Capote’s (Amnistía Internacional) and Pablo Sullivan’s (Movimiento por la Paz) a CiviCRM work group has been created in Medialab-Prado, Madrid. This work group will have monthly reunions to learn, share experiences and answer questions about CiviCRM

For more information:

CiviDay Barcelona

Ixiam organized the CiviDay in Barcelona. More than 20 people participated in this event that wanted to talk about the advantages of this free open source software. 
The event took place in Fundación Migra Studium in Barcelona, a centre that works to protect the dignity and the rights of the most vulnerable immigrants. They do this by taking them in, giving them an education and advocacy. The speakers of this event were Luciano Spiegel, with the collaboration of Rubén Pineda. The event had two parts. The first one was more theoretical and the second one allowed the attendees to present their case so that the speakers could show them a demo with the possible solutions CiviCRM had to offer. 
Users, implementers and even a few “simply interested” people participated in this “Civi party” that had one main goal: to offer NGOs, foundations and oganizations the chance to learn more about CiviCRM, a tool that only looks to help them in their work and help them grow. 


Here you can watch the presentations given in both cities.


Online repercussions

  • Vicky Bolaños from RTVE wrote an excellent article about CiviDay in You can access the article here
  • Olga Berrios from Masticable drew this great chronicle.

New CiviCRM hosting service: Civi-Go

iXiam presented during CiviDay its new CiviCRM hosting sevice: Civi-Go

If you missed the event but are interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re at your disposal to offer you a demo and explain the functionalities of this CRM.

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