Success story: implementing CiviCRM, a clear goal for the UIC

Excel tables, mailings through Gmail and mailchimp… When the International University of
Catalonia (UIC) decided to trust iXiam to implement CiviCRM, it was clear that it wanted to
modernize, simplify and streamline its data management. As María Dolores Ponce Tamayo,
Head of Corporate Relations and Corporate Development Management at the UIC, points out,
until now this process was very manual and not only took a long time, but could easily lead to
Discover the objectives achieved, which are none other than the key points of his experience.

Objectives achieved by UIC when implementing CiviCRM

  • Simplify data management

By implementing CiviCRM, the department has been able to automatically group the
university´s information. As a result, they can not only streamline the overall management of
, but also reduce the manual work and repetitive processes they were doing before.

Having all the contacts registered in the CRM avoids duplication of data, which meant sending
repeated information and receiving the same email several times by the contact, something
that gave a very bad image.

  • Modernizing the structure

For the UIC, the use of CiviCRM has also updated the way it communicates with its users to
give a more modern image of the institution.
From the comments we have received after sending the emails, the contacts have highlighted
the novelty of the type of communication (it is a new system in this house), the timeliness,
accurate information and personalized service, which is a great combination for the contact to
take away a good image of the communication of the event and the institution.”

– María Dolores Ponce, Corporate Development Directorate

  • Differentiate yourself in event management

CiviCRM offers the possibility of sending a QR code to event attendees so that they can later
register automatically. For the management of events organized by the university, this is a
point of differentiation that completes this “modernization”.

  • Effective reporting and follow-up

After an event has been held, this solution allows for an agile subsequent analysis, not only for
the attendees, but also internally for the organization (for example, by automatically changing
the status from registered to attended). Thanks to this, the Corporate Development
department can quickly send a thank you email and close all the subsequent balance

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