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AI platforms for nonprofits

Benefits of AI platforms for nonprofits

In recent months, artificial intelligence has become a technological concept that is present in everyday conversations. Much of this is due to the introduction of ChatGPT, an AI conversation system capable of giving exact answers to all kinds of complex questions, available to anyone with internet access. Just a few weeks ago, the company responsible

Open source tools provide great benefits to nonprofit organizations. For this reason, iXiam Global Solutions champions this technology.

Why are open source tools so attractive to the nonprofit sector?

In every nonprofit organization, cooperation between its team members, donors and partners groups is essential. Today, technological advances allow much more effective collaboration between all parties, always based on the commitment of growth and mutual support. Open source tools are the best technological solution for the nonprofit sector. They share the desire to improve the

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iXiam collaborates with these nonprofit sectors by providing organizations with technological and digital solutions which generates a social impact.

iXiam collaborates with a diverse set of nonprofit sectors

Putting our expertise at the service of the other party and adapting to their needs is key for any relationship between two organizations to obtain the best results. This is what iXiam strives to do, working with sectors to become their strategic ally. iXiam is a magnificent example collaborating with various types of nonprofits.  iXiam collaborates

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Do you want to know about the different types of CRM systems and how they can help nonprofits? See the difference between private and open source CRM's.

Main types of CRM systems

We often overlook the daily management difficulties nonprofits face with the amount of data they have to deal with. Technological evolution is able to simplify this management thanks to solutions such as CRM. We want to explain what types of CRM are available on the market and what their focus is respectively. Most common CRM

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iXiam managed the digital content capture of more than 250 hours of rich media for the Heart Rhythm 2022 Congress hosted in San Francisco.
Our Work

Content Capture for Heart Rhythm 2022 – Customer Story

More than 250+ hours of rich media content capture for HRS iXiam was selected as the official content capture provider for the Heart Rhythm 2022 Congress hosted by the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) in San Francisco, CA. From April 29 – May 1, 2022, the Heart Rhythm 2022 offered a simultaneous In-Person and On-line experience,

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