iXiam Charities and NGOS

Charities and NGOs

We help NGOs and Charities to better manage the their constituents’ information. CiviCRM is a FLOSS (Free/Libre and Open-Source Software) that was specifically designed for NGOs and Charities. Our clients include large and small organizations, both globally or locally focused.

Donors and Members Management

One of the main features of CiviCRM in an NGO is the centralizing the information of donors, members and constituents into one single system. Working together with the organization, we can migrate the data off the old systems and consolidate it into CiviCRM. Some of the main benefits are:

Gestión de asistentes

Communications, Campaigns and Events

CiviCRM allows to send mass emails and/or text messages (SMS) to specific groups of contacts. Also included is an Event Management Module (CiviEvent). Everything can be connected to customizable Campaigns. This allows the organization to:

Public websites integrated with the CRM

We develop and design websites for NGOs integrating different components, such as Drupal for managing content and CiviCRM for donor management. With this integration, we can achieve:

Peer to peer fundraising platform

We have developed a platform based on Drupal and CiviCRM so Organizations can manage their peer to peer fundraising initiatives:

Civi-Go: Cloud solution ready to go

We have created Civi-Go, a cloud based CiviCRM distribution that operates in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode and helps organizations to start using CiviCRM without worrying about configurations or complex installations:

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