iXiam Civi-Go: CiviCRM as a Service

Hosting services
for CiviCRM

Civi-Go CiviCRM,
Service ready to use and pre configured.

Civi-Go is a service based on CiviCRM offered through a SaaS (Software as a Service) mode or also known as “in the cloud”. 

This service has been designed, and it´s maintained by our experienced technical team. We are using solid-state drives (SSD) for database storage, and the entire Civi-Go infrastructure is optimized for high-quality performance.

· Civi-Go, provides the opportunity for organizations to start using CiviCRM quickly and easily, within a few days if needed.

This service also includes de possibility to use the massive email sending capacity. By contracting this servcie you will have everything you need in one platform and  ONLINE.


No special technical skills are required to start using Civi-Go

The service is secured and monitored in our infrastructure

Fast and secure ready-to-use service, preset to send mass mailings

Additional optional services available, such as custom training or extended support

We offer support packages, trainings and consulting on CiviCRM

By using Civi-Go services there will be mutiple extensions available to be installed in the CRM.

if you have any question contact us!