iXiam CiviCRM Implementation and Support

CiviCRM Implementation and Support

Are you ready to ditch spreadsheets? Want to consolidate multiple, disconnected systems? Are you tired of commercial CRM’s limiting what you can do or their license fees? Wouldn’t you rather invest in your own CiviCRM system that is a central hub customized to the way your organization actually works?

If you’re planning to leverage the most powerful nonprofit open source CRM on the market, you’ve come to the right place. At iXiam, we have end-to-end support for CiviCRM. In short, CiviCRM is what we do. 

As CiviCRM experts, we love tackling your most challenging problems by designing a tailored CiviCRM data management solution that is both powerful and user friendly for your staff, volunteers and members. Our work encompasses building out your data model, tailored configuration, custom development, comprehensive data migration, third-party integrations and training.

Ultimately, our aim is nothing less than empowering your organization to advance your mission more efficiently and effectively.

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iXiam is an official CiviCRM partner

CiviCRM and iXiam

We are a team of specialized professionals who actively participate as developers, web designers, consultants and implementers in the CiviCRM community. As digital transformation experts, we create first-class, tailored solutions so that each nonprofit we partner with can do more good. Here’s how we can assist your organization:

CiviCRM Implementation

We work to uniquely understand your goals and adapt the system accordingly. Our portfolio has spanned many sectors and types of organizations. Have our team deliver a strategic plan to make your CRM a mission-critical tool that improves member growth, engagement, fundraising and your back office processes.

Website Integration

Our solutions will fit seamlessly with your website so that CiviCRM will be user-friendly and your central data management tool. We specialize in Drupal and CiviCRM member portals that are customizable depending on what type of data and actions you want members to take.

Custom Extension Development

When out-of-the box functionality is not enough, we create CiviCRM extensions to modify CiviCRM functionality along your "business rules." We also specialize integrating third-party applications such as external accounting systems, SMS, email, mobile apps and Google.

CiviCRM Training and Ongoing Support

Do you want to get more out of your CiviCRM? We provide strategic guidance and train staff toward CiviCRM mastery. We celebrate the spirit of continuous improvement and will be your helping hand and escalation point when you need it. We also conduct technology assessments to align your system with best practices and ahead of the CiviCRM curve.

CiviCRM Upgrades

Running the latest CiviCRM is not only critical for security measures, but also performance and benefiting from new features. Leave behind the worry of upgrades and let us proactively manage this for a smooth running CiviCRM instance. We are sponsors of CiviCRM's Extended Security Release (ESR).

CiviCRM Features

CiviCRM is a free, Open Source CRM (FLOSS: Free, Libre Open Source), created and maintained by a diverse community of nonprofit users. It is used by NGO’s, medical societies, associations, foundations, political parties and universities. It’s strengths lie in it’s flexibility, comprehensive feature set  and active open source community.

Donor Management

Manage membership fees and donations., scheduled communications and customize your donation page.

Mass Communications

Send communications via mass emails, SMS or WhatsApp conversations. Segment and communicate to inform and motivate.


More than 30 report templates to help you measure each campaign carried out. Freely adapt and customize to report on your goals.

Event Management

Hold the registration and fees for the events online. Also possible to integrate QR generation for an easier registration process.

Data Migration

We work with you to normalize and import your existing data into the CiviCRM. no matter how many sources or the condition.

Payment Processors

Integration with a wide range of processors like Paypal, Stripe, Redsys to automate donation tracking.

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Open Source CRM Benefits

Control and Flexibility

Protect one of your most important assets: data. There's limitless customization options to achieve your goals; No one will tell you it can't be done. It's built with your vision at the forefront.

Comprehensive Feature Set

Use a central system to manage all your activity: donations, membership, events, email and seamless website integration. With open source, you get more than you expect!

Lower Operating Costs

When you invest in your CRM, you're owning rather than renting. You avoid licensing fees and build out a tool that works for you. And of course with those savings, you have more budget for work that is directly impacting your mission or investing in high-value improvements to your CRM system.

Community Support

You own a system but you don't have to do it alone. Share resources, make suggestions, develop and fund improvements together. Invest in a tool that benefits many other nonprofit organizations worldwide.

Let's Have a CiviCRM Discovery Call

We’re dynamic problem solvers ready to tackle your mission-critical goals. Let’s get started!

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