iXiam Fundraising


for organizations that seek for
social good.

We have different fundraising services to help your organization connect and engage your donors. Donations webforms, payment processors integrated with your CRM. The third sector organizations are avoqued to the digital transformation and we at iXiam want to become your partner, implementing the best solutions and providing technical support.

Our services includes the creation of high-performance fundraising platform with integrated payment gateway so that donations are registered and updated on the fundraising CRM system.

PT2 platform

RFM segmentation:

This marketing-based formula will help you increase donations, retain donors and increase memberships.
Segmentation of benefactors is based on when they donated in the past, how often they donated over a certain period of time, and how much they have donated in total.

Fundraising consulting:

We have a consulting plan that relies on experienced consultants who work with our clients, creating fundraising strategies and campaigns for organizations, accompanying and providing knowledge in the challenging task of raising funds.

Digital tools

The P2P fundraising platform

The P2P fundraising platform allows followers themselves to raise funds for the organization with no commissions or fees of any kind.

multi-project structure:

Simple structure (1 project) or multi-project structure. Donors can choose between making a direct donation to a project or campaign, or creating their own solidarity initiative and share it.

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