iXiam Open Source CRM for Medical Associations

Open Source CRM for Medical Associations

iXiam’s customers include large medical associations globally. We have successfully delivered CRM installations, responsive websites, Content Management Systems, Intranets, Meeting management solutions, and webcast recordings.

Webcast Production

iXiam can record and produce webcasts onsite or produce material sent to us. The content is synchronized with the event audio / video.

American diabetes association professional resources portal provided by ixiam

Websites for Professional Resources

Using our open-source tools, Drupal and CiviCRM, we can design and program websites for Medical/Scientific organizations. For example, DiabetesPro, the professional area of the American Diabetes Association (ADA) was completely redesigned, developed and maintained by Ixiam:

Membership Management

CiviCRM can be configured as the CRM for your medical association.  CiviCRM is an open-source CRM that can be used for greater control of your membership management and engagement.  CiviCRM allows:

Meetings and Events

Large and small meetings and events are ideal environments for our services. Our experience with open source solutions and multimedia production allows iXiam to offer a tight vertical integration for your association's events. We can offer either as a fully integrated solution or as a stand-alone solution:

Mailing Campaigns

Communication and engagement between associations and their members is essential for all organizations.  CiviMail, a CiviCRM component, offers a fully integrated solution for mass mailings, SMS or other channels of communication. The CiviMail component works in conjunction with the CiviCRM member database. With one central repository your member activity is easily managed.


Medical Associations

Associations we have been proud to partner with

Open Source CRM Benefits

Complete Control

Protect your most important asset: data. Limitless customization options; No one will tell you it can't be done. It's built with your vision at the forefront.

Custom Member Portals

Member portals allow you to provide rich content to an unlimited amount of users.

Comprehensive Feature Set

Use a central system to manage all your activity: donations, membership, events, email and seamless website integration.

Community Support

Share resources and develop and fund improvements together. Invest in a tool that benefits many other nonprofit organizations.

Ixiam is a civicrm gold partner and contributor

Insights and Our Work

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