Cardiometabolic Benefit Beyond Glycemic Control for T2D: Dual Agonism Duel

The data are in! Unimolecular multiagonists have demonstrated efficacy by concurrent activation of hormone receptors that affect energy homeostasis. During this dinner symposium, learn how emerging agents offer robust glucose control, with a low risk of hypoglycemia, as well as weight loss.

Our team of Panelists
Microsote-Frias, Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo Frias


Donna Ryan


Michael A. Nauck


Our Agenda

Welcome and introductions

Addressing unmet needs in T2D

Delineating the incretin effect and the roles of GLP-1 and GIP

Potential benefits of agonism of multiple receptors that affect energy homeostasis


Clinical implications of tirzepatide efficacy and safety data

Previews of coming attractions

Recap of key points


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