iXiam Web portals with Drupal

Web portals
& landing pages development

CiviCRM integration with drupal in
corporate portals.

Portales web con Drupal

iXiam offers design and set up services for web portals and landings pages.

To create the pages we use  Drupal or WordPress as content manager systems.

Drupal is a very mature Open Source project (click here to learn what does open technology means) , with thousands of modules contributed to extend its functionality. It also has a very active community of developers and users.

Intranet: While implementing CiviCRM we can also create private areas for personalized use by system users. In these spaces is where registered users can share information or work in work groups. We have also the option to add views in these intranet and use the module Drupal event registration to create and customize webforms.

For the “front end” creation (the visible part of CiviCRM) we emulate the design of the corporate website pages of the entities. We do it so the user won´t notice any difference if they are redirected to this type of public pages: Intranet, donation forms or newsletter subscription forms.


CiviCRM integration with Drupal in corporate portals

Responsive web design

Development of professional resources web portals, event websites and integration with CiviCRM

Third-party platform integration

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