iXiam Events and Congresses

Events and Congresses

Ixiam has extensive experience recording, producing and publishing webcasts for meetings and conferences. Ixiam’s experience in media content, along with Drupal and CiviCRM integrations allows a vertical, integrated solution for managing multimedia content.

Webcast recording, production and publication.

Ixiam offers on-site recording and webcasting services for large and small meetings and events.  We also have the ability to work with content that is recorded by other providers and create webcasts

We design and develop the website for your event

Event microsites

Ixiam can design and develop the official meeting page for your event or conference.

CRM for event management

Our conference and meeting solution comes with a robust CRM for attendee registration and post-event engagement.

CRM para registrar datos de asistentes a eventos y realizar un seguimiento post evento.

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